Brow Lift

Brow lift in Leicester and Coventry, East Midlands by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from a brow lift?

Have you noticed the increasing appearance of heaviness of your upper eyelids? You may feel refreshed but, when you glance in the mirror, you look tired. Eventually, friends and colleagues may start commenting on your weary look. What is happening?

With age, facial soft tissues lose their elasticity and can droop. This commonly affects the upper eyelids with development of a skin fold which can enlarge until it extends onto the eyelashes. Another factor can be descent of the eyebrow, especially the outer part, crowding the upper eyelid and contributing to the skin fold. Some people have to hold their brows in a raised position, looking mildly surprised for most of the time, to lighten their eyes.

How can a brow lift help?

If the soft tissue laxity has caused the eyebrows to droop, the most effective remedy is an operation to readjust the position of the brows, restoring their normal, more elevated position. There are a number of ways that this can be achieved.

If the brows alone would benefit from being raised then this can be achieved by keyhole surgery. Using small incisions within the hairline, the brows and forehead are rotated up and back elevating the brows and smoothing out the skin. This procedure can raise the hairline a little. An alternative is an open brow lift, with an incision across the top of the forehead at the hairline, which can allow elevation of the brows whilst maintaining the position of the hairline.

If elevation of the outer brow is desirable for someone undergoing a facelift, then the facelift can be modified to achieve this with an additional lateral brow lift procedure.

If there are residual skin folds due to upper eyelid age changes then these can be addressed by eyelid surgery, the blepharoplasty operation.

What are the treatment arrangements?

During an initial consultation your concerns and aims can be explored with a discussion of the treatment options. You will be given written information and encouraged to carefully consider your consultation. A further discussion will allow any outstanding questions to be addressed and a treatment plan to be made.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic, whether as a brow lift alone or as part of a facelift operation. One or two nights stay in hospital is required, depending on the procedure.

Recuperation from a brow lift would take two weeks, whilst bruising is settling down, before returning to social contact and work.

What are the benefits of a brow lift?

A brow lift can restore a fresher and more open eyed appearance. Forehead lines diminish and you lose that tired look. You look better and feel better and this can improve your confidence in company.


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