Chin reshaping, or genioplasty, in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from chin reshaping, or genioplasty?

In your teenage years, your chin reaches its final shape. Most children have a small chin which grows during puberty to the adult size. The shape of the chin is usually hereditary and there will often be close family members with a similar appearance.

For some, the chin does not grow much and remains on the small side. For ladies, who typically have a softer shape to their face, this is often not a concern. However, some men may be concerned about the appearance of a receding chin and may grow a beard to disguise this appearance.

On the other hand, occasionally growth continues resulting in a strong or pointed chin. If this occurs, it may be ladies who are more perturbed by the appearance. Men are often content with a prominent chin and, again, can always grow a beard to disguise this area.

In addition, the prominence of the chin influences the balance of the facial profile and can affect the appearance of the nose. For example, a receding chin may make the nose look bigger in proportion, and vica versa. Therefore, a few patients seeking a rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of their nose also consider chin reshaping in order to produce the most pleasing and balanced outcome.

How can chin reshaping, or genioplasty, help?

The appearance of the chin can be improved by an operation. One approach is to surgically adjust the shape of the bone at the front of the jaw, a genioplasty operation. This method can be used to both reduce the prominence of a strong chin or to strengthen a weak chin shape. Another method is to use a chin implant which can add to the prominence of the chin.

What are the treatment arrangements?

An initial consultation helps to clarify concerns about the appearance of your chin. This is sometimes part of a discussion about the shape of your nose and facial profile. Written information is provided and a further consultation assists treatment planning.

The operation is carried out in a private hospital under general anaesthesia and usually involves an overnight stay.

There is usually a recuperation period of one to two weeks before returning to work.

What are the benefits of chin reshaping?

Adjusting the shape of the chin, making a receding chin stronger or reducing the prominence of a large chin, can produce a pleasing balance to the face. This can improve confidence in social situations.


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