Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from treatment with dermal fillers?

Have you ever wished that your lips were a little fuller and shapelier? Perhaps they were once but have gradually softened and thinned with time.

How about the gradual deepening of the naso-labial lines, where the cheeks meet the upper lip? Or those new creases that have appeared running down from the corners of your mouth. Why is this happening?

The soft tissues of our face gradually lose their elasticity with time. Our lips can soften and lose some of their shape and may develop vertical lines. As the cheek tissues soften, they descend with gravity and deepen the creases on either side of our mouth. These are normal skin lines but just become more prominent with time.

How can dermal fillers help?

If the volume of the soft tissues in the affected areas is increased by injecting dermal filler gel, these changes can be disguised.

Adding dermal filler to the lips can improve their shape and definition. The amount of filler can be varied to produce an effect that is as subtle or as full as you wish.

With regards to the deepening creases either side of the mouth, these can be made less prominent by injecting dermal filler under these wrinkle lines, raising the floor so that the creases are not so deep.Although the lax cheek tissues are still present, fillers can often be an effective camouflage for early changes.

However, with deeper lines then repositioning the cheek tissues with an operation such as a facelift may be more effective.

What are the treatment arrangements?

First, you need a consultation to assess your concerns and provide advice on appropriate treatments. If dermal filler treatment is indicated, your treatment is performed in a private hospital where safety and sterility are paramount. Local anaesthetic is usually used to improve comfort during treatment.

Everybody’s face is different and treatment is personalised to your requirements. The details of your treatment are recorded to optimise treatment at subsequent visits.

What are the benefits?

Lips can appear full and with a more youthful shape. Lines around the mouth become less deep and less obvious. Improving these areas when they have been a concern can improve confidence and feelings of wellbeing.

These changes are seen immediately and typically last for six months.


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