Ear reshaping, or pinnaplasty, in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from ear reshaping , or pinnaplasty?

The appearance of our ears is largely inherited and some people are born with ears that are more prominent. For youngsters, parents are often aware if their child has prominent ears and the child can become concerned if they get teased at school. Some children have an operation to pin back their ears. Others may hide their ears by wearing their hair long, especially if their parents disapprove of an operation.

Many adults with prominent ears are unconcerned. However, some continue to wear their hair long and may seek an operation to adjust the shape of their ears so that they can feel more comfortable with their ears uncovered.

How can ear reshaping, or ear pinning, help?

The shape and prominence of the ears is determined by the form of the ear cartilage. The ears can be made less prominent by an operation to alter the shape of the cartilage. Once the cartilage has healed into a stable new shape, the effect is permanent.

What are the treatment arrangements?

A consultation is required to assess what you don’t like about the shape of your ears and discuss the changes that can be achieved with an operation. Written information is provided to help you consider your treatment plan.

Treatment is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic, often as a day case procedure. However, for those who don’t wish to be asleep for the procedure, it can be performed with a local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation.

Most people would then take a week off work for recuperation.

What are the benefits of ear reshaping?

For children, having ears that don’t look prominent can mean that teasing becomes a thing of the past. For adults, it can mean a new hairstyle and improved confidence in social situations.


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