Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty?

Have you ever had a good night’s sleep, felt fresh as a daisy, and the first person you see comments on how tired you look? It could be the upper lid skin folds producing a heavy look. It could be the bags under your eyes. It could be both…

Age changes, such as decreased elasticity of the soft tissues, affect our faces and frequently affect the eyes first. The skin folds of the upper eyelids gradually increase and the fold of loose skin can extend down to the eyelashes. Any fat protrusion into the eyelid doesn’t help and adds to a heavy lidded appearance.

The principal change affecting the lower eyelid tends to be fat protruding forward, filling the lower lid and producing an underlying shadow. This is often accompanied by increasing skin wrinkles and produces the appearance of eyebags.

How can eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, help?

As the gradual change in appearance of the eyelids is due to loss of elasticity and other structural changes due to aging, the only effective solution is an operation. The aim is to reshape and tighten the eyelids.

For upper eyelids the main aim is to reduce any excess loose tissue in the skin and muscle layer to remove the skin fold. This restores the even shape of the upper eyelid. However, for the lower eyelids the main aim is to reduce and tighten the protruding fat layer. If this bulging layer is flattened, the appearance of eyebags  diminishes.

What are the treatment arrangements?

An initial consultation will allow your aims to be considered and appropriate advice to be given. If cosmetic eyelid surgery is likely to be helpful, written information is provided and you will be asked to carefully consider your consultation and return for a further discussion before finalising your treatment plan.

Reshaping eyelids is an operation that is usually carried out as a day case procedure. Most people prefer to be asleep with a general anaesthetic. However, upper eyelid reshaping can be undertaken under local anaesthetic or with intravenous sedation for those who prefer not to be asleep during the operation.

Recuperation usually takes about 2 weeks before you can appear in public once again.

What are the benefits of eyelid surgery?

The eyes set the scene for the face. If the eyelids have a younger and fresher appearance then you can look more alert and well rested. It is interesting to see how improving the appearance of the eyes seems to lighten up the whole face.


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