Facelift operations in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from a facelift?

The problem about growing older is that we don’t look as young as we did. We all feel twenty-something inside but a glance in the mirror, or at a recent photograph, may suggest that we look older than we feel.

These changes occur because soft tissues start to lose their elasticity with time allowing the downward pull of gravity to have its effect. For the facial soft tissues the result is that the cheek bones lose some prominence, the lines around the mouth deepen and the jowls increase, softening the jaw line. This relaxation can also affect the neck with accumulation of tissue under the chin and wrinkles around the neck.

How can a facelift help?

Most aspects of this changing appearance can be improved with a facelift. Tightening the deeper layers can build up the cheekbones, lighten the lines around the mouth, sharpen the jaw line and improve the shape of the neck. Having achieved most of the lift by tightening the deeper tissues, gentle tightening of the skin can smooth out the wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance.

Some patients take the opportunity to have additional procedures such as eyelid reshaping, to achieve the optimum outcome.

What are the treatment arrangements?

At your initial consultation your concerns will be assessed and treatment options discussed. If a facelift looks like it will meet your aims, written information will be provided and you will need to return for a further discussion after you have carefully considered the advice that you have been given.

Your operation is performed under general anaesthesia in a private hospital where you typically stay for two nights following the procedure.

Most people require 3 weeks recuperation before resuming their normal lifestyle.

What are the benefits?

Patients who have a facelift often feel that their improved appearance is a better reflection of how they feel inside. They are more comfortable in social situations and are more relaxed if there are amateur photographers around.


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