Mini Facelift

Mini facelift operations in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from a mini facelift?

Have you started to notice that those skin wrinkles are still there despite using skin creams, no matter how expensive? Perhaps you’ve also noticed early jowls forming, softening your jaw line. What‘s happening?

There is a gradual change in facial appearance with age as the mid face soft tissues progressively lose their elasticity. The action of gravity on these relaxed tissues produces the typical age changes that we see in the mirror.

With initial age changes treatments like botulinum toxin injections, which reduces expression lines such as frown lines, or tissue fillers which add volume to camouflage early furrows, can help. However, with further age changes the desired improvement may best be achieved with an operation.

How can a mini facelift help?

A mini facelift can be helpful for those earlier age changes that can be improved with an operation. Typically, these will be seen in younger patients with a specific concern, such as early jowl formation. Tightening and lifting of this area sharpens the jaw line and brings it back into balance with the prominence of the cheekbones and appearance of the neck.

Alternatively, it may be an older patient who is fortunate enough to have a slim face and good bone structure where a gentle tightening of the soft tissues is all that is required to help restore a younger looking appearance.

For those patients where an operation would provide the best rejuvenation but a full facelift is not required then a mini facelift may be the answer. The effect of the operation is helped by a double lift, tightening both the deep layer as well as the skin to produce a rejuvenated and natural looking result. This enhanced mini facelift provides a lasting improvement in your appearance.

This approach has sometimes been called an advanced mini facelift or an S-lift.

What are the treatment arrangements?

A consultation is required to assess your concerns and allow advice on treatment options. If a mini facelift is a good option for you, written information is provided and you will need to return for a further consultation after a period of reflection.

The mini facelift can be performed either under general anaesthesia or alternatively under local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation for those who prefer not to be asleep during the procedure. Your treatment is in a comfortable private hospital with a stay of one night after the operation.

Recuperation can take between 2 to 3 weeks, whilst the bruises are subsiding, before feeling comfortable about appearing in public or returning to work.

What is the difference between the benefits provided by a mini facelift and a facelift?

A mini facelift provides freshening of all of the facial areas. Specifically, it smoothes out the cheek skin and is particularly helpful for lifting the jowls to sharpen the jaw line or reducing the furrows around the mouth. It is most helpful for earlier facial age changes as it does not specifically improve the neck and it does little to build up the cheekbone areas.

However, a facelift can improve all areas of the face and neck and is more helpful with further age changes. The prominence of the cheekbone areas can be restored, the lines either side of the mouth lightened and the jowls lifted with restoration of the jaw line. In addition, the neck can be tightened with reduction in any vertical bands at the front of the neck and reduction in fullness under the chin.

It is important that you think carefully about the improvements that you would like to see and have a good understanding of what these different operations can achieve. During your consultation, you will be given a realistic assessment of the benefits that these operations can provide for you and an indication of which operation is most likely to meet your aims.


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