Neck Lift

Neck lift operations in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from a neck lift?

You may have noticed increasing fullness in the neck, especially under your chin. Perhaps skin folds are developing at the front of your neck or other wrinkles becoming more noticeable. It may be more convenient to wear scarves day to day or cover your neck when someone is taking photographs. What is behind this?

We gradually lose elasticity in the soft tissues of the face and neck with time. This allows fullness to develop under the neck, following the effect of gravity on these lax tissues, especially if there is some fat accumulation. In addition, the sheets of muscle around the neck can start to separate at the front, producing the characteristic folds of skin that often develop, running down from below the chin. Finally, as there is often some excess of skin, there is an increase in skin wrinkling generally around the neck.

How can a neck lift help?

The appearance in the neck often reflects what is happening in the face with descent of the mid-face tissues over the jaw-line contributing to the laxity of the neck soft tissues. If this is the case, then a neck lift alone cannot fully address the problem.

The elements of an operation that help the appearance of the neck often include; liposuction to remove surplus fat, repair of the muscle separation at the front of the neck and removing the surplus skin. Occasionally, the problem is confined to the neck and a neck lift alone will give the desired result.

More often, these elements of a neck lift are included in a facelift in order that the descending facial tissues, such as the jowls, which are affecting the appearance of the neck can also be addressed.

What are the treatment arrangements?

A consultation and examination are required to explore your concerns with the appearance of your neck and to discuss the causes and possible treatments available. You will be provided with written information about face and neck lift procedures and asked to reflect carefully before being seen again to plan any treatment.

A neck lift alone is performed under a general anaesthetic with an overnight stay in hospital.

Two weeks are usually required for recuperation before you feel able to return to work or normal social interaction.

What are the benefits of a neck lift?

A neck lift, whether performed alone or as part of a facelift procedure, can improve the appearance of the neck with reduction in skin folds and wrinkles and a slimmer shape. This more clearly defined appearance of the neck can bring the neck back into balance with the face for a more even rejuvenated look.

With increased confidence in your appearance, you can have increased freedom in the range of clothes that you wear, perhaps leaving some of those scarves at home, and be more relaxed if some one gets their camera out.


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