Nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty?

Some people just don’t like the size or shape of their nose. It usually starts in the teenage years as the nose stops growing. It may be comments from friends or even family. It may be the appearance in the mirror or in photographs, where you just see your nose rather than your whole face.

If the appearance of your nose becomes an issue, your behaviour can change; looking straight at people when talking so that they don’t see your profile. Similarly, being more aware if someone has their camera out, looking straight at the lens rather than being caught from the side.

How can nose reshaping, or a nose job, help?

The shape and size of the nose is mainly inherited and reaches its adult form in the late teenage years. The appearance of the nose is determined by the underlying structure. This framework includes the nasal bones, at the top of the nose, and the nasal cartilages forming the rest of the nose including the tip.

The shape of these bones and cartilages can be adjusted by an operation producing a more appealing nose. For many people this means taking away some tissue, maybe reducing a nasal hump, and repositioning the framework, perhaps making the nose slimmer or straighter. For others, the structure of the nose may be built up, such as making a traumatised or squat nose stronger.

What are the treatment arrangements?

A consultation allows discussion of both your concerns and appropriate treatment options. Written information on rhinoplasty is provided for you to consider. A second consultation will allow further discussion and finalising of a treatment plan.

A rhinoplasty operation is carried out under general anaesthesia and requires an overnight stay in a private hospital.

Most people would then take two weeks off work to recuperate.

What are the benefits of nose reshaping?

If the appearance of your nose is improved so that it sits comfortably in your face, when you glance in the mirror you actually see your face, rather than just concentrate on your nose. With the confidence that this brings, you can feel relaxed in social situations… and even if there is a budding photographer around.

If this has a familiar ring to it, perhaps it is time to seek advice on what a rhinoplasty could mean for you.


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