Scar Revision

Scar revision operations in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from a scar revision?

Scars on the face can result from accidents, injuries or operations. If these occur in childhood then the scars may become more prominent with time.
Facial scars may be raised up and lumpy or sunk and contracted. Both types alter the smooth skin surface producing an obvious deformity. If situated close to a facial feature, such as the eye or mouth, scars may cause distortion or interfere with normal movement.

How can a scar revision help?

Unsightly raised scars may be improved by a variety of means including silicone dressings, steroid injections, laser treatment, dermabrasion or excision. Other scars, especially if deep or contracted, usually require excision.

Where excision of the scar is the best option, the old scar line can be altered and lengthened to avoid contractures and the scar line moved into a natural crease. Careful repair helps produce a more discreet scar.

What are the treatment arrangements?

A consultation allows the problem to be assessed and treatment possibilities to be discussed.

A small scar revision operation can be performed with local anaesthetic injections. A more extensive procedure requires an operation under general anaesthesia.

If a minor scar revision has been performed then an early return to work can be expected. If an operation requiring general anaesthesia has been undertaken then a few more days are likely to be required for recuperation.

What are the benefits of a scar revision?

If the facial scar was unsightly then the aim of a scar revision is to produce a more discreet and acceptable scar, more closely aligned to your natural skin creases and contours. This can improve confidence in your appearance when in social situations.

If the scar was interfering with normal function, such as scars involving the eyelids or mouth, then the aim is to minimise the effect of scarring in these areas and improve function and movement.


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