Skin Lesion Removal

Facial skin lesion removal in Leicester and Coventry by a specialist facial surgeon.

Who can benefit from a removal of a skin lesion?

Some people have facial skin lumps such as moles or cysts that can become larger and more prominent with time. This may give rise to an unsightly or embarrassing appearance or may allow the lumps to become traumatised or infected.

With time, sun exposed areas of the face and neck can develop skin tumours such as such as the rodent ulcer, the less common squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) or uncommon but dangerous melanoma. These tumours progressively enlarge and can become more dangerous and difficult to treat.

How can a removal of a skin lesion help?

Excision of a facial skin lump is aimed at leaving a thin and well-aligned scar, which is unobtrusive and much less noticeable than the original lesion.

Most skin tumours benefit from being excised to remove the main lesion and, for skin cancers, reduce the chance of recurrent disease. Larger tumours may require skin grafts or skin flaps to provide an aesthetic result.

What are the treatment arrangements?

A consultation is required to assess the lesion and allow advice on appropriate treatment. Most small skin lesions can be excised using local anaesthetic injections. Removal of larger or more complicated skin lesions may require a biopsy first to obtain a firm diagnosis and then an operation under general anaesthetic.

You can usually return to work promptly following the removal of small skin lesions. A few days recuperation may be required after larger operations.

What are the benefits of removal of a skin lesion?

Removal of a troublesome or unsightly facial lesion can improve comfort and confidence if a discreet scar replaces this lump.

Removal of a facial skin tumour is essential to prevent further growth and reduce the chance of recurrent disease.


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